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A Note From Bryan

Overwhelmingly, the two questions I get the most are:

1) I have a sketch idea. Can you use it on SNL?

Unfortunately, I can't use your idea. It goes against the rules of the show. When I took the job, I promised NBC and SNL that I would give them my own original ideas, and not take someone else's. Even if you give it to me freely, I feel compromised taking it because I want anything with my name on it to genuinely feel like it's mine. I appreciate you reaching out, but I can't take it. Also, there's legal implications that could get messy.

2) I want to be on SNL or just be successful in comedy some day. Any advice?

I get this question so often, that I put together sheet with some advice for beginning comedy writers and comedians. I hope it gives you a small bit of direction and inspiration.

Advice for Aspring Comedians and TV Comedy Writers (PDF)